Jeffray Harrison

Jeffray Harrison, Author

Jeff Harrison is a writer, novelist, and High School English teacher in Ft. Lauderdale. He has a wonderful and supportive wife, four children ranging in age from 4 to 25, and a 5-year-old grand-daughter and 2-year-old grandson. If the numbers are confusing, just imagine how he feels. He doesn't write as much as he wants to or read as much as he should, but he's working on it. Generally, he blames this on the kids, but they all know the truth, even the babies.

Thy Father's Glass is Available Now!

Dane Schottmer remembers his father, Branson, as hard, mean, and distant. He promised himself and his wife that he would never turn out like his old man. Still, for years, he held on to the hope for reconciliation, or at least an apology for all the abuse he suffered as a child. Those hopes are ruined when Alzheimer’s disease ravages his father’s memory and robs him of his personality, rapidly closing the window of opportunity for the two men to make peace.

Even worse, when Dane’s beloved mother dies, Dane is forced to move into his childhood home and care for the father who never cared for him. As grief and stress consume Dane, his mental health and his marriage suffer—until the home his family has occupied for generations intervenes in a supernatural way. Persistently and provocatively, it invites Dane to see his father for who he really is and to show Dane that he’s more like the old man than he wants to admit. 

"Brush Strokes" is a flash fiction story about a father trying (and mostly failing) to guide his daughter through teen motherhood.

"Unhatched" is a short story about coping with loss and finding guidance through the process from the strangest places.

"None So Blind" is a flash fiction story about a blind teenager living with her father, who might not be entirely human anymore.